Activate Dual Panel (tablet mode) on RAZR XT910 running Liquidsmooth v3.2 (KK 4.4.4)

[Problem unsolved]

Hey guys,

my aim was to enable tablet-mode in certain apps on my Motorola RAZR XT910, such as Gmail, Settings or Youtube (as shown on the lefthand side)!

Last April I’ve presented in a post the key features that a ROM should provide to improve my usage of Android:

HALO (from Paranoid Android), Real Dark (several custom ROMs), tablet mode (at least available within PAC -> Hybrid UI -> Tablet UI) and slim recents.

Two days ago I switched from Slimkat (SlimROM 4.4) to Liquidsmooth after the wifi-issus got way too annoying. After „tablet-mode“ was allready missing under slimkit I’ve decided to figure out a way to implement it under liquidsmooth.

Easier said than done…

Screenshot_2014-10-05-18-29-49Xposed framework 

Xposed Framework is a mighty „add on“ for rooted device which can enhance the improvement possibilities through additional functions and setting options. Via „Xposed Installer“ it should (exclamation mark regarding „should“) be possible to change the DPI setting for certain individually chosen apps and the display resolution. But… in my case the change of the DPI made no difference at all and the change of the resolution brought unsatisfactory results.

If one you, my dear readers refers to himself as an expert on this field of Xposed Framework… feel free to jump in with an advice!


Screenshot_2014-10-05-18-31-13ROM Toolbox Lite

After some research in several forums I’ve found an other possible solution. Via ROM Toolbox you can access within the build.prop Editor (to be found under the Performance-tab) „ro.sf.lcd_density“. Default value should be 240… I’ve changed it to 180.

Indeed… this change had an effect as you can see below:

But I also have to state that I’m still not satisfied. I’d like to have a similar result as available under PAC-ROM. I’m still looking for a solution… please feel also free to assist at this point with some guidance!

I’ll keep you informed about my progress!




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